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Is your hot water system leaking, producing alarming sounds, delivering murky coloured water through your home… or none at all? If so, then it’s likely you’re in need of a professional hot water repair 😀

We know the experience you’re having is frustrating and the number one thing on your mind is just getting it fixed as soon as you possibly can, right?Β 

The good news is you’ve stumbled upon some experts that have been in the hot water industry for 40+ years. As a trusted first point of contact for all minor or major hot water repairs, ranging from 25-litre hot water systems, all the way up to 400-litre hot water systems πŸ‘

We understand that your main concern isn’t just getting your hot water back up and running but also how affordable the hot water repair service cost is going to be.

With A&A Hot Water, you can expect right from the start, a transparent, honest, and positive approach to a genuine relationship, where our goal is to leave an impression that lasts years until you’re in need of our hot water service again, at which point you can refer to our sticker on your tank.

You can call us 24/7 on 0411 553 022 🀝

Hot Water Repair Troubleshooting

No Hot Water

Check that the isolating switch – generally found in the switchboard and often marked β€œHot Water’, β€˜HWS’ or β€˜Water Heater’ – is in the ON position. Check that the electricity supply to the hot water system is connected. If connected to off-peak heating, hours are restricted. Also, check the switchboard fuse.

Twin Element Systems

For a twin element hot water system to operate as designed, it must have power available to the top heating unit circuit at all times.
So make sure the power is connected and on.

TPR Valve (Temperature Relief) Leaking

While it is normal for this valve to discharge a small amount of water while heating if it does leak more than 10 litres of water a day, there may be another problem. If it is continuously running, try raising or turning the leaver/knob gently on the TPR valve for a few seconds and then releasing it. This may dislodge any foreign matter which may be in the line. If it continues to leak, please contact us for a service call.

Cold Water Leaking

Is water leaking from the expansion valve (located in the cold water line to the hot water heater)? It’s normal for this valve to discharge 5-10 litres of water a day. As the cold water heats up in the tank, the water expands and is discharged from the cold water expansion valve. If the expansion valve is leaking more than 10 litres of water a day, give us a call.

No Hot Water – Pilot Light

If you have no hot water at all check to see if the pilot light is igniting and burning. Re-light the pilot light according to the instructions on the inside of the access cover. If the pilot is not lighting or igniting, check that there is gas to the water heater. Check that the isolating valve on the gas line is turned β€˜ON’.

Also, check to see if there is gas being supplied to the rest of the house. If there’s more than one gas appliance check all to see if they are lighting. If there is no gas, call the gas supply company.

Electric Ignition

Make sure the power chord is plugged into the wall and check the fuse in the metre box… as obvious as this sounds you would be surprised how many times we’ve turned up a Hot Water Repair job only to discover it’s not even plugged in!


If none of these seems to do the trick, give us a call on 0411 553 022 today πŸ‘Š

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